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Pantera Bodega

Boo Beauty Bar 3B Shields

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Size: S,M,M1,M2 and L 

These 3B-Shields are shorter (width-wise) and thinner than the most common shields in the market. It is useful for clients with short lashes but want a dramatic look or clients with shorter (width-wise) eyes.

This item will also allow you to give more variety options of a look to your clients with 5 different sizes and makes your work more flexible depending on your clients eye shape and lash type.

*This item includes one size each: 10 pieces, 5 pairs.

*This item is 're-usable', please clean it with an alcohol wipes after use.

*The shields are not made with silicon to give more flexibility, therefore the rips in the corner is NOT avoidable and it's NOT faulty.

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