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Pantera Bodega

Boo Beauty Bar Heated Eye Mask

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Self-heated Eye Mask | 10pcs 

Another great release from Boo beauty bar! We are proudly the first company to bring out this eye mask that we have been working on for months.

Don't worry about room temperature and having inconsistent results anymore.

This eye mask will allow you

-to gently lift lashes by reducing the ph level of the lifting product (pH decreases with increase in temperature).

-to shorten the treatment time (Please do 3-4 minutes less timing than normal processing time- For example, if a client has thick lashes and you would normally do 14 minutes then please do 10-11 minutes).

How to?

Simply open a package and follow the instructions on the back. The eye mask will only do its job with lifting step.

It can still be placed on clients eyes in setting step for clients comfort but the temperature wouldn't do anything due to different ingredients.

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